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Combined sound
The combination of sound is precisely that manufacturers introduced the overall sound set machine, its function as complete as possible, easy to use, the appearance of gorgeous. All the components of the combined sound, such as speakers, amplifier, deck, CD seat are provided by a manufacturer, the overall coordination is better, and in appearance is also more uniform, beautiful; after the purchase does not require users to spend A lot of time to carry out debugging, in general, can be directly on the vanguard plc sound, the operation is more convenient, the function is relatively complete. Many people think that the quality of the combination of sound is not high, but in fact with the development of electronic technology, the performance of the combination of audio has also been greatly improved, so for most users, the combination of sound has been fully meet the needs. Of course, the combination of audio prices, quality performance is also a great gap, there are thousands of products, there are tens of thousands of dollars of products, which kind of, according to the user's own economic strength and demand to choose.

Digital sound
The main features of digital audio:
1. High signal to noise ratio: digital audio recording form is binary code, playback only need to judge "0" or "1". Therefore, the noise of the recording medium has little effect on the signal-to-noise ratio of the reproduced signal. The analog audio recording form is a continuous sound signal, in the recording process will be affected by such as the impact of tape noise, to be superimposed on the sound signal on the sound quality deterioration. Although noise reduction measures have been taken in analogue sound, it can not be fundamentally eliminated.
2. Low distortion: in the analog audio recording process, the magnetic head of the introduction of distortion, for this need to take AC bias recording and other measures, but the distortion still exists. In the digital audio, the magnetic head only work in the magnetic saturation and non-magnetic two states, said 1 and 0, no linear requirements on the head.
3. Repeatability: digital audio equipment after repeated copying and playback, the sound quality will not be degraded. The traditional analog cassette tape recording, each record once, the tape recorded by the noise must be increased, resulting in each re-recording to reduce the signal to noise ratio of about 3 dB, sub-band is not as a master, Sun band as sub-band, Deterioration.
4. Jitter rate is small: digital audio playback system due to the role of time base correction circuit, rotating system, the drive system instability does not cause jitter, so do not need to like analog recording as in the precision mechanical system.
5. Adaptability: digital audio is recorded in the binary code, a variety of processing can be used as a numerical operation to carry out, and can not change the hardware, only software operation, easy to control the computer, so strong adaptability.
6. Easy to integrate: As a result of digital, and thus easy to use large-scale integrated circuits, and make the machine easy to debug, stable performance, high reliability, easy to mass production, can reduce costs.

HI-FI sound
Meaning: HI-FI is the abbreviation of English High Fidelity, literal translation for the "high fidelity", which is defined as: with the original sound similar to the playback sound.
So what kind of audio equipment playback sound is Hi-Fi it? So far it is difficult to make the exact conclusion. Audio professionals rely on a variety of instruments, through a variety of means to detect a variety of indicators to determine the degree of equipment Hi-Fi, and audio enthusiasts are often through their own ears to determine whether the device to reach the mind of Hi-Fi The Distinguish the level of high-fidelity playback sound, not only need to have excellent performance equipment and software, but also have a good listening environment. Therefore, how to correctly measure the Hi-Fi level of audio equipment, there are differences between objective and subjective evaluation. Strictly speaking, as long as the see see the image to listen to the sound we can call this scene AV, from the literal meaning, AV means that the word is the English word AUDIO (audio signal) and VIDEO (video signal) the first letter Write, HIFI is "highly fidelity" means.

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