A & D, the"Advance and Develop"Audio Company (HK) is a manufacturer of professional speakers since it was established in 1990. We set our goal on speakers representing the original music and audio as the signals existing in nature. Lots of accumulated experience in manufacturing, a strong research and design team, and closer co-operation with our European counterparts, make ways for our company to catch up the world's later technologies.

Thanks to our laboratory, many state-of the-art software and equipments enhanced our improvement. Accurate measurement results in all the data matching its higher levels. You may get great impression upon our product's unique designs, workmanship and excellent performance. That is because we develop our registered tooling to provide most key parts instead of purchasing from common market. With our Q.C system the strategy guarantee our products in higher level of quality.

We have been concentrating our business upon providing professional speakers to the customers who care quality as their priority than others. The remarkable performance of our products with great reliability and stability left most factories behind, wins most of our clients' respect. 

All of speakers contribute from A & D are ideal professional products. We provide after-salel service worldwide. A & D is a business partner that you can trust and rely on.